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Informationen über dieses Forum und seine Regeln /Informations about this forum and its rules.

About this Forum

Ungelesener Beitragvon Foren-Team » So 28. Feb 2010, 22:59

Subject of this forum are Irish Terriers, but it is not restricted to this breed. If you are interested in dog keeping or breeding in general you are as welcome as those with special interest in Irish Terriers.

The major part of the forum is publicly available. Therefore it is not necessary to register if you only want to read articles. However, if you want to write in this forum you have to register and accept the following rules:

  • Register with your real name, that is with your first and second name. Abbreviations or nicknames will not be accepted. For registration a valid E-Mailadress is required.
  • The forum is a moderated one. That means that contributions with insulting, degrading or racist content will be truncated or totally deleted. Authors of such contributions will be warned, in severe cases or in case of recurrence they can be excluded from the forum.
  • The moderators moreover reserve their rights to divide or to dislocate threads. Decisions of the moderators are not to be discussed in the forum.
  • Registered users of the forum can upload pictures or other documents with a maximum size of 600x600 pixel and 150 kB to the server. Please keep in mind that you should have the copy right or the right of utilization. You accept that such pictures can be used by the forum team for internal purpose as the designing of the picture bar.
  • Personal conflicts or criticism of others should be kept away from the discussion forum. The right place to dispute about individual disagreements is the intern, non public forum.
  • In case you leave the forum, entries as well as uploaded pictures remain within the forum.
For registered users are additional convenience functions available, especially the a forum-side search function and automatic tracking of articles.

NOTE: This Forum is bilingual, German as well as English.

The responsibility for the content of articles and contributions is on the respective authors. In no way the authors or the operators of the forum can be held responsible for damages that result from following wrong instructions or information.

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